BubblePest 7-on-7 ultimate tournament under a huge bubble


Fees & Registration

It's a bit early for BubblePest 2019, but we will put up news here around August.


8th edition of BubblePest went down on 2018. January 20st Sat 8am - 21st Sun 5:30pm

Travel info

Check the google map, showing all the places you need to know for this tournament:

NOTE: Due to renovation works, "M3" marked buses will run instead of the metro line 3 (blue) during the weekend.


Airport <-> city:

The taxi system in Budapest has recently changed and prices have gone up quite a bit. The bad part is, airport transfers to the center now cost 8-9000 HUF depending on where exactly you are going. The good part is, all taxis use the same fare, so you can catch any yellow cab to get around town and not have to worry about getting ripped off. The ride from the airport to the Bubble is around 30-40 minutes. For two people or less, the official airport shuttle is a better deal at 3200HUF/person one way (5500 both ways), but takes longer as they collect several people before they leave. You can find their desk at the baggage claim area or in the arrivals hall. The cheapest but slowest way to get to the center is by public transit: take bus no. 200E to the terminus (Kőbánya-Kispest), then hop on the blue metro (#3) to get to downtown, or even the Bubble (please check the google map)
You can find more information about how to get to and from the Airport on their site.


Bubble: 1139. Budapest, Hajdú utca 50.
Boat cruise on Sat night:  1137. Budapest, Újpesti rakpart 1.
Party on Sat night: 1077. Budapest, Király utca 43.

Accomodation and Food

Your player fee includes an all-inclusive breakfast on both tournament days served by the bubble that lasts well into the afternoon. Don't worry if you are playing in the afternoon. You can't be late. NOTE: Breakfast might not be at the changing rooms but in the main building. Please ask one of the crew if you don't find it.
Dinner on Saturday: We do not organize dinner, as it is much easier for you to go into the city and eat there. It will also be easier to catch the boatride for those who are playing until 8pm. We will publish here a list of restaurants that we recommend to you. Also, feel free to come to the main desk next to the fields and ask the staff to call one of the restaurants and reserve a table for you, as that might be needed in most of the places.

Organizing accommodation is on you, there are many airBnB, hostel, or fancier accommodation options all around town. It should be no problem. However, we are happy to help you or suggest places.

Party & Boatride

Just to make this tournament unforgettable, your tournament fee includes a special surprise, a Saturday evening boat ride on the river Danube, followed by a party in a bar reserved only for ultimate players. A 60 minutes long ride will show you all the sites that are worth to see along the river.
Boarding the boat called “Aquincum” at 22:00 o’clock (please do NOT be late, the boat will not wait). The boat will drop us off at the same place, and from here we’ll go to the bar.